Why I Need Feminism

I’ve gotten into so many arguments about feminism and why it’s relevant lately both on and off the internet I decided to make one of these. 

That’s me. The pic on the left is what I look like. That’s what I wear to work, going out, everywhere. 

On the right is what I would want to wear going out and hell even going for a coffee with my friends. I never do, though, because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of the panic attack I have everytime a guy I don’t know touches me. Even if it’s on the arm and not threatening at all I feel so uncomfortable by unwanted physical attention I get physically ill.

I’m afraid that what happened when I once did go out in that dress might happen again: getting eye drops in my pint.

What angers me the most is when girls say they’re not feminists or that they don’t need feminism. WE ALL NEED IT. We all need a world where a girl can wear whatever she wants and 

a) not get judged for wearing it and

b) doesn’t have to be afraid

It’s a joke in my circle of friends that I look like a 14-year-old boy. I don’t mind the joke, because it’s accurate and kind of funny to me. After reading up on feminism and all that on tumblr and following discussions and THINKING about thins stuff I realised why I feel more comfortable like that.

It’s because in the world I live in, it’s safer to be a 14-year-old boy than a 28-year-old woman.

EDIT: Since there’s been a lot of confusion over a few things I’ll clarify: I’m not talking about accidental touching or brushing against me in a crowd. I’m talking about deliberate touching, like putting their hand on my shoulder or on my arm. That is not ok if you are a complete stranger. 

I’m also not saying that it’s not ok for girls to want to dress butch. it’s ok for girls to wear anything they want but I want it to be their choice to do so, not something they feel they have to do to protect themselves or to avoid being discriminated against or bullied.

Finally: IT’S NOT OK TO DIAGNOSE MENTAL ILLNESSES BASED ON BLOGPOSTS. I know what panic attacks are, I’m not blaming them on men. The point is that before you how a person is comfortable with being touched, DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON THEM


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